Welcome to Mansallyaa Farm

& Org Farming

Combining years of hard work and shared family knowledge

Welcome to Mansallyaa Farm

& Org Farming

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Welcome to Mansallyaa Farm

Enhancing Agriculture for a Brighter Future

Our experience in agriculture and organic farming amounts to 21 years.

MANSALLYA FARM is an established farm that was founded in 2002, and is located in the village of Jappineh, Jarra Central District, Lower River Region of The Gambia. The farm operates as an Oregon-based limited liability corporation (LLC) and is dedicated to producing agricultural, agritourism, and healthcare products. Our goal is to become one of the largest and leading producers of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, plants for the natural supplements industry, as well as plant nurseries and other food products in both The Gambia and Africa as a whole. We are working diligently to achieve this objective.

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Chief Executive Officer Mansallyaa Farm

I grew up in Jappineh, a village in the Jarra Central District of the Lower River Region in The Gambia, West Africa. I was raised with a strong emphasis on farming and other agricultural practices, particularly food production and animal husbandry. This upbringing has left a lasting impact on my life and has fueled my desire to fully develop my village by utilizing the abundant farm land and water resources available.